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17-Nov-2017 03:46

They can be especially helpful in providing high quality protein options that are gluten free and suitable for most individuals that are lactose intolerant.MUSCLE MILK® Ready to Drink Shakes and Powders are currently being utilized by more than 200 high school athletic programs and more than 400 collegiate programs, in addition to professional teams and athletes.We pioneered great tasting protein and continue to offer an array of flavors. Grab a Cookies ‘N Créme flavored MUSCLE MILK® shake. We helped build the protein category and continue to remain a leader in the industry today.We’re a trusted partner with dozens of collegiate athletic programs, world-class professional athletes and elite training facilities.

Whether you’re a high school athlete trying to get to the next level or a mother of two trying to get to yoga class, we offer a wide range of protein products that feature the nutrients your active lifestyle demands.The ready-to-drink products are especially convenient to use as a meal replacement or snack when you are on-the-go.

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